Who we are

It’s likely if you’re here, you have loved ones or are doing business in Sierra Leone, and you’ve experienced some type of frustration when you’re...    

       needing to send small items and important items quickly to loved ones in Sierra Leone

       a small business and need to ship products to your customers overseas

       Or, living in Sierra Leone and wanting to purchase something that’s not available in-country      


And, to navigate a situation like this, you must rely on several different services that may not be convenient, reasonably priced, or timely: It can be downright frustrating! Having to decide:

    Whether to go thrthe strain of finding someone who is traveling to Sierra Leone and is willing to take your package      

    Whether you consolidate your package and find a sea freight option that will take a few months to reach Sierra Leone    

    Whether to use one of the other expensive air freight options to send your package to Sierra Leone

    And, how to ensure your package has the lowest possible risks of being damaged

Well, guess what? dotBleu is here to make shipping to Sierra Leone quick, simple, and affordable


We Are dotBleu

More than just a delivery service, we bring you closer to the global trade market. A new name with big intentions, we are the bridge between time and money for individuals and businesses who want to ship to Sierra Leone.

As a certified express air courier and air cargo company, we are DEDICATED to offering a cheaper and faster option to get your fragile or personal items over to you. We ensure safe and speedy delivery making it one less thing for you to worry about.      


The Founder

Desmond Ellis is an entrepreneur, CPA and Philanthropist. He is a Sierra Leonean American who understands, firsthand, the struggles that individuals and businesses face on a daily basis when it comes to buying and shipping to Sierra Leone. It was because of this pain that Desmond established DotBleu, your go-to for quick, simple, and affordable courier and shipping services.


Our Mission

To provide a cheaper, faster, and secure way for businesses and individuals to send and receive packages.


Our vision is to create a frictionless connection between people, possibilities, and dreams with the ultimate goal of improving their lives by giving them open access to the global world.


Let’s Get Started!  Click here, to get your next package shipped safely and quickly to Sierra Leone, or contact us if you have any questions.